Contract Management and Payroll Service

Every single client who makes use of our services is visited by one of our expert consultants. During this personal consultation, the services and service procedures are discussed and explained in detail to the client. You will then be given a detailed and comprehensive service quotation.

Here at PSPC we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach and every single person’s financial service quotation is tailor made and based on the client’s personal circumstances. We do this to ensure that the client is empowered to make an informed financial decision.

We employ state of the art payroll software guaranteeing complete peace of mind. Electronic Income Statements are supplied at the end of each pay period via an encrypted email service. This ensures that total security of personal information is possible. All Income Statements and IRP5 certificates are available online.

Advantages for Corporate Clients:

We are a level 1 BEE contributor, meaning one of the company’s major procurement spends will attract the maximum contribution towards its own BEE scorecard.

While attracting the maximum procurement contribution towards its own BEE    scorecard the company retains and attracts valuable skills without negatively influencing its employment equity score and structure.

PSPC will manage the companies risk towards the South African Revenue Services by ensuring the correct deduction of employees’ tax and other statutory levies.
PSPC will assist with managing the companies risk towards labour relations concerning the independent contractors in service.

The company receives the skill without any settle-in period, immediate solutions through output driven specialist consultants.

PSPC invite independent consultants to register on our free database through     which we aim to put the right skill in touch with the right company.

Advantages for the Contractor/Consultants:

Complete peace of mind. Contractors and consultants receive a single solution with regards to the following:

Accurate and timeous invoicing.

Accurate remuneration structuring, complying with all relevant legislation.

Complete payroll services.

Comprehensive taxation services.

Access to comprehensive accounting and financial management services.

Access to medical aid.

Comprehensive retirement and estate planning services.

Increased cash flow through proper planning.

The fee structure for Contract Management

A simple and extremely competitive professional fee structure is employed by PSPC. Our fee is structured to cover the professional services rendered by us as well as the companies’ responsibility towards indirect payroll levies. These levies are in the form of Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases contributions, Skills Development Levies as well as Unemployment Insurance Fund contributions. The contractor/consultant’s annual tax return service will also be covered by the professional fee, under condition that the contractor/consultant has been a client for at least six months during the relevant tax year.